Our story evolves around our company's philosophy
"eat different. make a difference".

We are Mr. Coolinary, Mr. Vision-to-the-nary and Mr. Local-lary. Before starting SALAID we were three childhood friends from Berlin (Germany) Whenever we got together we had an awful time agreeing on a place to eat at. Usually we just settled for classic junk food and were not entirely happy about it (neither was our health!). At some point we decided that we wanted to eat different. Not only to feel better and healthier but to start enjoying food again.

Mr. Coolinary has always been very passionate about different techniques to prepare food. When he was introduced to the concept of chopping salads he believed that the combination of fresh salad, tasty ingredients, the right way of chopping and his special homemade dressings would make a difference in quality and taste! The salads were simply delicious. Soon we started inviting our friends over when Coolinary prepared his delicious salads, and everybody was impressed.

Mr. Vision-to-the-nary was the one with the idea of making the salads available to everyone. He believed that fresh, delicious fast-food is a perfect alternative for any body who is looking for a quick and healthy option to eat different. He presented his idea to Mr. Coolinary and Mr. Local-lary. Both loved the concept immediately and were excited to start making a difference.

Mr. Local-lary has always cared about community and voluntary work. He saw huge potential in SALAID and wanted to make a difference by inspiring a healthy mindset in people. He convinced the team that with each and every SALAID store they should start local projects to improve the education on nutrition for children and young people.

So we connected the success of each and every SALAID Store with local community projects to create awareness and a healthy lifestyle. And that is how SALAID was born. We make it possible: eat different. make a difference.



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